upstream oil and gas company UK Nigeria
upstream oil and gas company UK Nigeria



Consortium Concept

Our management team, with the financial options available to MAREP Ltd, are able to offer solutions for shallow and deepwater operations with a flexible consortium based team. Developing stranded fields in locations that do not have an easy route to market is the primary focus of the projects we seek to support. The solutions offered enable fields to be developed in parallel to drilling and production operations, creating savings on capex, opex, logistics, security etc. which all contribute to better project returns. Our approach is consortium based with our alliance partners covering reservoir engineering, drilling management, production equipment and marine solutions, to implement efficient and profitable project development solutions that are best suited for small-size accumulations.

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Our ability to integrate within a consortium or stand alone for these field-developments enables fast track sales revenue.

These first revenues are achievable within a few weeks of being on location with the first well. This enables new wells to be drilled concurrently whilst improving production volumes steadily during a typically dormant period of production and zero revenue.

Our rapid to deployment method negates the need for expensive pipelines and specialised dedicated surface facilities and allows low cost abandonment at end of field life or simple redeployment to another field location. The team has used these concepts and have been developed to save tens of millions of dollars in up front and end-of-field life costs, which significantly reduces the impacts on the economics of these small-pool field developments.

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