upstream oil and gas company UK Nigeria
upstream oil and gas company UK Nigeria



Risk Management

The exploration and development of natural resources is a highly speculative activity, which involves high risk and this is in addition to the specific country risks and political climate. These risks are regularly assessed by the board on a specific project basis. These meetings are used to mitigate risks which include geological/sub-surface, operational, commercial, commodity pricing, currency, geopolitical, security and funding risks. 

MAREP Ltd technical and sub-surface risks are mitigated further via a strategic alliance within our consortium. Exploration and development relies on specific expertise in the fields of seismic mapping, structural geology, field geology and thermal maturity/charge modelling. The team has the capability via our outsource partners to provide a full range of exploration geoscience expertise, which is able to integrate into the management team to further strengthen our project management and delivery.

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Key investors:

  • Indigenous companies that hold licenses which have not been developed or produced
  • Indigenous companies that wish to apply for development licenses
  • Funding Institutions that are looking for equity, structured finance or debt with quantifiable risk for quick returns
  • Commodity brokers looking to sign up offtake agreements

upstream oil and gas company, MAREP

Mid Atlantic Ridge Exploration & Production ltd, upstream oil and gas company.