upstream oil and gas company UK Nigeria
upstream oil and gas company UK Nigeria


About Us

Overview / Strategy

Strategy - We aim to build a portfolio of high quality oil and gas assets, which we will then commercialise or monetise to achieve maximum return for our stakeholders, business partners and host governments.

MAREP Ltd is an independent oil company with an African focus specialising in the Gulf of Guinea. Our strategy is to identify and build a portfolio of proven but undeveloped assets that can be brought to production using a consortium based development management team. This strategy focuses on the potential of farm-in transactions with asset owners to form a production partnership and deliver oil to the market.

The management team has focused on delivering this new strategy and business development, which has allowed MAREP Ltd to set up a strategically strong consortium to the deliver these projects. The consortium is based around geological, drilling, engineering and production teams. This set up allows MAREP Ltd to short list potential developments in the Gulf Of Guinea that meet our strategic aims. The consortium we operate is flexible in size and experience to suit all project types.

To summarise our strategy, we intend to maximise returns, operate costs effectively, extend life-of-field and ensure operational excellence.

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The Board

We have extensive experience of emerging oil and gas plays within the Sub Saharan oil plays, particularly in exploration and large scale developments in Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and East Africa. Collectively, the team brings together key attributes that create success and add value:

  • Expertise in identifying high quality/high potential oil and gas plays
  • Ability to capture and commercialise discovered resource opportunities
  • Experience managing above-ground risk and operations in challenging environments
  • In-depth knowledge of regional geology and subsurface risks
  • Breadth and depth of management skills
  • Rapid and disciplined decision making process
  • Excellent relationships with host governments and local partners